NABSS Family Corner Radio Show Update

Tune into the NABSS Family Corner on every Thursday between 5-7pm online ONLY.

Topics dealt with so far have included Rites of Passage for Black Girls, Positive lyrics and Poetry, Role Reversal (parent becomes the child and the child becomes the parent), exclusive interviews with NABSS Membership schools and an interview with the very first Black Chelsea footballer Paul Canoville.

Community events that are added to the NABSS events calendar (Educational or Cultural ONLY) are read out on the air from 6.30 onwards

Show clips and contact details can be found by clicking this link:
Topics coming up:

25th October – Indigo interview and showcase
1st November – Rites of Passage for Afrikan Boys in the UK?
8th November – Kandace Chimbiri interview and other literacy guests

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Real Talk Returns to OHTV (Sky Channel 199) Tonight 7pm





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Sheila Johnson, BET Co-Founder, Thinks Network is a ‘Squandered’ Opportunity

Since the Johnson’s sold BET to the wolves, the network has taken on a new look, new theme, and a new direction. And neither side seems very happy about it.

Sheila Johnson, co-founder of the black network, gave BET a piece of her mind before, and she did it again, recently.

She was the speaker at the “Conversations and Encounters” program at the Carmel Art and Film Festival in Monterey County, Calif. this weekend.

She shared her story about the successes and life achievements both she and her husband built together over the years, expressing that she is most proud of BET’s Teen Summit, which ran from 1989 to 2002.

But her moment of admitted accomplishments quickly turned to what appeared to be disappointment and built up anger; claiming that her product now ”reinforces negative stereotypes of young people, African Americans in particular.”

And you know it didn’t end there.

“I think we squandered a really important cable network, when it really could have been the voice of Black America. We’re losing our voice as a race as a result,” she ranted. “I’m really worried about what our young people are watching. There are so many young people who are using the television as a babysitter. We have parents who are not being parents and not monitoring what their children are watching.”

And there it is. From the founder herself to your ears, she admits BET has transformed into a vehicle for buffoonery.

On the other hand, she did not offer any suggestions.

Article Link

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Nyansapo – The Pan African Drum returns Tuesday 16th October


Nyansapo – is the weekly internet based community radio station hosted by the Ligali Organisation. We broadcast honest and progressive discussion of community issues alongside pan African news, current affairs and feature reviews of cultural media and events.

On 16 October 2012 we will be asking;  “Is it time, could we, dare we, stand… “On our own two feet?

You can listen to archived podcasts of previous Pan African Drum programmes at

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Angie Le Mar back with “Ladies Talk ” on Vox Africa

Angie Le Mar (Actor/Writer//Presenter/Comedian) will be debuting her Brand New   daytime television talk show called ‘Ladies Talk’, this month.

“Ladies Talk”  will be a  new style Panel Show bringing together some of the UK’s Brightest, Intelligent, insightful and the powerful women.

Those who wish to get  involved, as guests, panelists, and studio audience, contact us

“Ladies Talk” will be aired before a live studio audience on Wednesday 31st October

Angie Le Mar previously hosted Time of the Month” on Colourful Radio, and  “The Angie Le Mar Show on Choice FM.

Keep up with Angie Le Mar’s media, and other developments via the following outlets;




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Blackpound Retail BOYCOTT

Was listening to todays edition of The Peoples Talk Show on Genesis Radio 91.6FM   2pm – 6pm, and  Sister Jacqui  guest was talking about a current movement taking place in Peckham, to boycott certain stores because of the manner in whcih these various store owners treat their African Caribbean customers.

Read the information below

(taken from the One Million House Holds Facebook Page)

Retail BOYCOTT Khan’s Mobile phones131Ryel Lane Packham SE15
Khan’s Foodstore 132-136 Rye Lane Peckahm SE15

Saturday 22nd September 2012 1pm to 8pm
BOYCOTT at Rye Lane Peckham by Rye Lane Rail Station

Blackpound Retail BOYCOTT

The Black Pound’s NOT walking down Rye Lane on Saturdays… and that’s just for starters…
Khan’s not going to know what hit him and his fellow traders for threatening to beat and chasing a young African CUSTOMER!

The Blackpound’s moving out of Rye Lane SE15

We need the cooperation of the WHOLE ENTIRE COMMUNITY to totally BOYCOTT Khan’s enterprises at these addresses and this area in general by Rye Lane Rail station. Please, if you MUST shop in Rye Lane visit African Community retailers towards the top of Rye Lane… Please shop from 127 Rye Lane upwards to 27 Rye Lane towards the Green.

We are going to be present with a physical BOYCOTT demonstration every Saturday from 1pm and increase this to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, daily during October, African History Month!

Please if you can not make it down to the physical street BOYCOTT demonstration out side Khan’s Mobile Phones – 131Rye Lane Packham SE15 and Khan’s Foodstore -132-136 Rye Lane Peckham SE15 4RZ Please be so kind as to mention this in any media that you can or forwards to friends and family.. Let’s spread the word…

We as local African customers are sick to death of shops and retail premises treating ‘Us’ as criminals, especially those owned by other social groups treating ‘US’ badly by:

o Committing assaults upon ‘US’ as African people… particularly the men in ‘Our’ community… Then having retailers work with the Police by lying, and making false statements to criminalise or ban ‘US’ from the premises after such harassment or assaults.
o Threatening with weapons African customers who complain about bad treatment , or short changing, or short measures.

o Making sexual advances and sexual innuendos to African women as CUSTOMERS!

o Spitting or urinating in or on food that is assumed to only be consumed by African’s.

o Urinating in food preservation fluids, whilst the ‘salt-fish’ and such fresh fish products which are being offered for sale to African customers.

o Banging or literally throwing change at African CUSTOMERS!

o Short-changing African customers… Thinking that ‘WE’ are unintelligent, therefore unable to workout what the correct change should be.

o £20 Note scam – Cheating African customers when given a £20 note, and auguing that it was a £10 offered to them. Always make sure, you say, this is a £20 note whenever handing over a £20, or mark your £20 notes, so that the police can be called, to verify the make on a not in the till…

o Giving or making ‘short-measures’ for African customers.

o Grabbing money from African CUSTOMERS hands.

o Giving funny looks or showing reluctance to print till receipts or worst refusing to give receipts even after three or four kind polite request.

o Limiting our children to just two or three in a shop at any time.

o Asking any innocuous ‘question, after being kindly asked for goods or a service, and refusing to move until that question is answered, on condition that you answer. The conditional president question’, on the pretext of creating a situation whereby they can then, ask you to leave the premises. As your failure to answer means this. The basis of the question, is to show that it is Not important what you ask as an African, it’s the question, they ask you, their question or request put to you, that determines, where or Not business will proceed.. It’s not like when shops would have NO IRISK, NO DOGS, NO NIGGERS outside.. It’s a more covert version of blatant racism… With the ultimate aim of calling the Police, to reinforce their racism.

Given all these long-going, long-standing issues and ill-treatment by retailers made worst; in an area like Rye Lane, where so many African people spend so much money only to be treated as second-class customers, and worst even being assaulted by staff or the owners of shops, who then try to work with the prejudiced institutionally racist police to criminalize ‘US’ as just CUSTOMERS and PATRONS of these retail outlet… We’ve simply had enough!

Organizations Supporting and organizing the BOYCOTT and Demonstration:

Reel Ashanti Justice Centre – Jacqui – 07940483768

UK Black Family Household Union – One Million Households – Warren – 07983611181

Zero Nation – – Amina – 07947529668

If you have information about the assault or saw the young boy being chased into Rye Lane station, about 4.45pm Wednesday 5th September, or any information you fee may be useful…


If you or your organization or one you know of should like to help or get involved in the BOYCOTT please contact one of the existing organiser to add your name and clout to the cause…

Please join the BOYCOTT at Rye Lane Peckham by Rye Lane Rail Station every Saturday… 1pm until 8pm

Please send any info you have on Black owned community shops that support ‘Our’ community to One Million Households – 129 Abbeville Road SW4 9JL

1MH Group:


We should like to thank:

Galaxy FM 102.5

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The Solution magazine essential reading for the mental health sector

The Minister for race relations, communities and local governments Andrew Stunell MP’s endorsement of this edition of The Solution Magazine is a testament to the importance that the Government puts on the equal treatment of mental health services users from ethnic minority communities.

This latest edition of Black Mental Health UK’s (BMH UK) online magazine looks at the findings of the high profile inquest verdict into the death of mental health service user Sean Rigg.

INQUEST’s co-director Deborah Coles examines how this case can bring about positive change in the way statutory services and the police treat people who use mental health services.

Packed full of exclusives, this August/September edition includes expert advice from Harley Street urologists Dr Frank Chinegwundoh, whose feature on prostate cancer awareness details information that every man needs to know.

NSUN’s feature on service user involvement offers ways in which people can get involved in making a positive difference in the way services are delivered.

This editions menu’s page features food writer Chris De La Rosa showcasing exciting new Caribbean dishes that are guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.

Our poetry page gives voice to the rarely heard service user experience as well as celebrating Jamaica’s 50 years of independence, and an exclusive feature with Dr Doirean Wilson gives insights into how her ground breaking research could herald the dawn of more harmonious working environments.

Also this edition’s exclusive interview with founder of S.O.U.L (Sounds of Urban London) Radio, Merlin Emmanuel gives the head-up on a new wave of community activism, which is combining entertainment with breaking news in a way that is transforming the consciousness of a community.

Latest news on social justice you won’t find anywhere else

Matilda MacAttram editor in chief of BMH UK’s The Solution Magazine said: ‘BMH UK’s fifth edition of The Solution Magazine gives insight on the latest development on mental health and social justice issues affecting black Britain that you will not find anywhere else.

Our analysis of the Sean Rigg Inquest verdict makes for essential reading for professionals in this sector and anyone whose life is touched by this issue.

An exclusive on the ground breaking S.O.U.L Radio; The first ever one touch, interactive online station to be launched in the UK, celebrates the best in innovation and community activism.

This editions community, service user and campaigns pages are a must read for anyone wanting to get the latest of what’s ‘happening’ in this community.

A must read for anyone in the mental health, social care or police sectors, BMH UK’s The Solution Magazine gives you the low down on what matters most to Briton’s Black communities.’

Click here to read the latest edition of BMH UK’ The Solution Magazine
Article Link

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